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About Action Squads
FIREPROOF is an action-packed love story from the creators of Facing the Giants that opened September 26 in theaters across the country. FIREPROOF Action Squads allow churches, businesses, groups, and individuals to support FIREPROOF and impact marriages in their communities.

Much like getting a group together to buy tickets for a play or a sporting event, an Action Squad is a group of people working together to purchase tickets to see FIREPROOF in community. A FIREPROOF Action Squad can help the people of your community see clearly how they can honor God with their marriages. While it is a big commitment, it is well worth the effort.

If you already have an Action Squad, Check Out Steps For Purchasing Tickets.

Or, read on to discover what type of Action Squads is best for your group.

city Bring FIREPROOF To Your Town
If FIREPROOF is not playing in your community (or within 30 miles), you can lead the charge to bring it to your town. More than 100 cities saw FACING THE GIANTS in 2006 because groups did this, and so far, 98 cities have had FIREPROOF showing there because of Action Squads!. To ensure that FIREPROOF plays in a theater nearby, you need to commit to purchasing 1,000 tickets for opening weekend. You can then resell the tickets through your church or organization, or you can provide them as gifts.
Approximate outlay: $7,000-$10,000
See if FIREPROOF is opening in your community.
screening Purchase FIREPROOF Show Time(s)
This Action Squad allows you to purchase all the seats for a show time at your local theater. You can then give away the tickets or resell them. This is a great opportunity for a small group or a Sunday school class to host an outreach event; for a church to honor local firefighters, first responders, and other heroes; or for businesspeople to impact their customers and employees.
Approximate outlay: $1,500-$2,000 per show time
See if FIREPROOF is opening in your community.


If you run a large business or a community-wide organization and you're interested in finding out how you could purchase all of the tickets for opening weekend, contact Elizabeth at
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